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Location Photography

Urban and rural locations.


Wedding and Engagement

Capturing you day!


Commercial and Editorial

Quick and professional.

Custom retouched photograph

Custom Toning

I am a Adobe Photoshop Expert!


Simple to the works.

Custom Printing

Traditional and Archival


"What to Wear"


Pretty much anything in a studio environment. I would stay away from white because your eye will go to the brightest part of an image.


I would stay away from white and black for most situations.  Little girls can go with white dresses and black can work as long as you let me know before hand.  Bright colors will be distracting as well as busy patterns.  Simple earth tones work best. 

Once again stay away from white unless there is a specific reason.  Urban backgrounds are more neutral so you can get away with bright colors and patterns.  Simple is always better but if you wear something loud let me know. 

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Great Photography

Hello! Welcome to John Whitehead Images


What makes great photographs?

  • Light
  • Location
  • Background
  • Tonal Range
  • Post Production

What We Do


One key element that is overlooked by many amateur photographers is the background.  A clean background can make or break image. 

Post production can make a huge difference in your end product.  I pride myself in my Photoshop skills.  All images are color managed and toned by myself.  I retouch using frequency separation and can ad textures or a variety of effects to any image.
Looking for Holiday, Birthday or Graduation cards.  I create or have a selection of custom cards available. 

Our Skills

I will never know 100% of anything. 

Camera Knowledge  90%


Lighting  80%


Printing 80%


Photoshop 90%



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