Urban Senior Portraits

Urban Senior Portrait by John Whitehead Images

Urban Senior Portraits

Urban senior portraits. I love taking urban senior portraits in the city versus the country. They are great for adding a little attitude and with a neutral background, they allow for louder clothing choices. I do not limit time and clothing changes so taking photographs in both urban and country are possible. This client asked for graffiti. I was surprised how much of the artistic graffiti in Harrisburg had been removed. They did have the mural painted by the artist but the client was looking for more of a raw background. I had to fill in with a strobe for this photograph because the shadows would have been too strong, especially with the hat. I usually use off camera strobes because on camera does not have the power in daylight. I was able to open the image shadows on the face a bit more using a luminosity mask in Adobe Photoshop. Otherwise, this image did not have much else done to it. I think it would also look good with a matte look or split tone. This was a fun session mixing both urban and rural locations around the city of Harrisburg.

I get a lot of clients that ask what image I like. What a photographer looks for in an image versus the subject or family of the subject is totally different. Clients mostly care how they look or see themselves. A photographer looks at lighting, movement, balance, composition, and color to create a dynamic image. The subject is just as important as the background. Hope this helps next time you wonder why a photographer chooses a certain image.
If you would like to find out more about John Whitehead Images please feel free to use the contact page on this site. I can give you the exact pricing and printing options we offer. After each session, the raw images are loaded to an online gallery within 24hrs. Note: raw images mean the images are not toned yet. Toning can make a dramatic difference to some images. Retouching, sepia and split toning, matte effects, and anything else you can think of are available free of charge. Give us a try and thanks for stopping by.


Senior Portrait Gallery

If you are interested in learning more about photography, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Lightroom click on the link titled, "Learn Photograph". That will take you to my other site with YouTube Videos on the above processes. Note, I do not have an SSL on that website so most browsers will tell you it is not secure. I do not sell anything on that site and it is safe to look at.
I have videos on how to use your camera, basic photography. This includes using manual which most professions use. I also have basic and advanced tutorials on Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom Classic(this is the laptop and desktop version), Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Photo Mechanic.

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