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21 Apr 2017
How to make a chicken fried steak sandwich.

Foods with Flavor

I love to make things, especially new items.  I have made bed frames, furniture, motorcycles, jewelry and a variety of other stuff.  In early the early 2000’s I expanded from photography because I needed a new outlet.  I started to learn to weld and create simple metal furniture.  Since then, I have completely filled up my house with tools and items I have created.

As I child I loved to watch cooking shows on PBS.  Yes, the Food Channel didn’t exist at that time.  I really started cooking and experimenting with food when I was in college.  I remember telling people if I could do it again I would have gone to cooking school.  One of my roommates in college went to cooking school and is one of the top chefs in Chicago.  In high school, you took these stupid tests to find out a career path.  Mine always was a business man.  I hate offices, suits, and business in general.  The problem with the test and high school, in general, is that it has not changed and has a very narrow focus.

Enough babble.  Last year, I started Foods with Flavor.  (A YouTube/Blog)  I have always loved to create and cook and I already knew how to shoot and edit video.  I moved to Central Pennsylvania in the mid 90’s.  At that time the food scene was pretty non-existant and what was here was very bland.  This is one reason, I really started cooking so much instead of dining out.  I have created a series of YouTube videos to accompany my website recipes.  I focus on food with heat and flavor but occasionally an item that is simple but tastes great.  Take a look share with a friend.  Foods with Flavor!

It is So Good You Might Cry Episode 32

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