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Professional Retouching


Retouching Before and After

Above is an example of what can be achieved in retouching a photograph.   However, retouching does have to be a drastic as the image above.   Retouching is always up to the client.   I can do basic to extreme retouching.  Retouching can involve blemish removal, scar removal, wrinkles, crows feet or any other imperfection.   I use a process called High Frequency Separation.  This involves separating the color and detail layer in an image.   This will allow me to work on skin color and detail separately.  This will allow you to soften skin but not remove the texture.  It could also be used to reduce someones skin texture as well.   The video below walks you through the retouching process.   It cover basic retouching, face shaping, fake eyelashes, makeup/contouring and hair retouching.  Each adjustment in the process is its own layer which allows to that specific layer to be easily adjusted or removed.

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