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Looking for a great portrait? Below I will list and explain simple things you can do to improve your location portrait. A great portrait is not just the photographer but a combination of a variety of factors.


Environmental photography is heavily influenced by your location.   Rural or urban it helps set the tone of the image.   Simple clean backgrounds are key to great portrait photography.


Good lighting can be flat or directional, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve.   I use natural and a combination of natural and artificial light.  One main factor is how sensitive the subject's eyes are to light.


Would you be surprised that something as simple as a clothing choice can ruin a photograph?  Clothing for rural and urban location are night and day.

Candid or Posed

What style do I want?  Candid is great for children with really short attention spans and shy kids.  Posed portraits work better for older children and teens.   You can always do a combination of both.


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All my photo shoots have unlimited time and clothing changes. I am interested in providing great images, which are not possible with time restrictions.

  • Location Portrait

  • Single
  • No time limits

    Unlimited outfits

    Social media digital images

    Custom Toning

    Free retouching!

  • Family Portrait

  • Family
    Plus Individual
  • No time limits

    Unlimited outfits

    Social media digital images

    Custom Toning

    Free retouching!

  • Head Shots

  • Single
    and Group
  • No time limits

    Social media digital images

    Unlimited Rights

    Custom Toning

    Free retouching!

  • Toning

  • Expert
  • Color

    Black & White

    Color Grading



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