Photography Tips for Better Websites

Photography Tips for Better Websites

Photography Tips for Better Websites. Not everyone is a photographer, so I can't expect everyone to know what a photographer needs or what will improve their experience. Some clients are also putting together their own website with a C0ntent Management System. Website do have specifications. For example, if you are using a slider at the top of a page what is the ratio and pixel dimension. I camera take an image in a 2X3 ratio. Sliders can be extreme ratios like 16X6.

I am not a web designer but I can build or help you build a dynamic WordPress Website or give you suggestions on photographs. Contact me for more information. Note this site was built using Wordpress.

Understanding Ratios

Understanding the ratio you need for an images to fit perfectly on your website. Most website designs have a fix ratio. It is important that your photographer know that ratios so composition can adjusted to fit that spot. For more information goto Menu/Info/Understanding Image Ratios

Pixel Dimensions

The unit of measurement for websites is done in pixels. If you have a fixed pixel dimension it is important to give this to the photographer before he takes your images. This will ensure the ratio and size of the image fits perfectly.

Image Compression

The smaller the image size the faster your page will load. I can run the image compression program jpeg mini on all your images but I would need to know the exact size in pixels first. Also note that all images used on the web should be in the color profile of sRGB.


I have had many clients that wanted me to come in during working hours. This can work for candid photography but in general it will cause more issues than benefits. It might save you a little money but you will sacrifice in image quality.


Most people have never modeled or enjoy having their photograph taken. It can take awhile to teach someone how to stand be comfortable.


The wrong clothing can ruin an image. Think about what EVERYONE is wearing. If you have everyone in grey and on in orange, the person in orange is going to stand out. This can help or hinder an image depending on the goal. Image if you have a group photo and everyone is wearing a different color. This will make for an extremely distracting image. Same goes with patterns or loud clothing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

A google bot can't actually see what an image is. To tell google you need to add a description in the Alt Text Field. These fields referred to as metadata can be embedded in every image. I can add cations, descriptions, titles, and keywords to your images. These fields should automatically populated fields used by SEO. Search engine can only find what they can see. Below is an example of image SEO in WordPress.

example of Image with SEO

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