Editorial Photographer

Editorial Photographer

Looking for an editorial photographer to show off your company or products?    I began my career as a photojournalist, and most of my work is producing editorial-style content.  Need someone that can fill out those IPTC fields (metadata), or need your search engine optimization (SEO) fields populated?  All images I produce will include basic keywords, captions, headlines, dates, and locations.    I can add any other information you want in all of my images.  I can size any image for print or web.  Web images are actually sized in pixel dimension not length x width x resolution like many think.  I can add pro level compression to .jpg images to speed up load time.  Last of all is color management.  I can convert all web images into sRGB and print to any color space you want.  I can turn most assignments around that day, so you can post to social media instantly.

If you need help with a webpage, especially WordPress I can set-up, manage or show you how to manage the page.

Here is a link to my Editorial Gallery

Here is a link to more about Editorial Photography.

Here is a link to a story that just ran using an image I photographed during a surgery.

Three Penn State Health hospitals recognized among best in the nation

Below are examples of IPTC fields and web search engine optimization (SEO)

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