Congratulations Valarie Allman

Congratulations Valarie Allman

Congratulations Valarie Allman. I started my photography business in the mid '90s when I moved to my parent's home in Hummelstown from Chicago. One of my first clients was a woman whose daughter was in my wife's Hershey Elementary School class. Valarie's mother hired John Whitehead Images which was Photography by John Whitehead at the time. I took their photographs using a Hasselblad and black and white film. I loved TMax 100 and that 120 macro lens. The camera and film are nothing but a memory but this week Valarie won the Discus gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A local news agency posted an article that a former Hershey resident, actually Hummelstown won a gold medal. My wife saw this and said I think you know this person and took their picture. She showed me a picture on Valarie's Instagram page. Sure enough, I took that photo of her and her mother but I remember she wanted a photograph of her and her bunny.

As a photographer, you can create lasting memories. You never know when a little girl holding her bunny will turn out to be an Olympic Athlete. Congratulations to all the Olympic Athlete's trying to achieve their goals during a non-traditional year.

NBC will not let you embed this in a post. Here is a link to the Gold Medal Throw. https://youtu.be/silrPLJrvFU

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