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14 Oct 2019
Macro Photograph of Watch

Tabletop Macro Photography

Looking for a Camp Hill or Central Pennsylvania photographer to photograph your products. I can photograph food or other complicated commercial setups such as this reflective watch. This image is a combination of multiple layers to help control the values and give it that pop!

My first job in school was product photography for John Snyder Photography in Chicago. We photographed products for Williams Games and Plummer-McCutcheon magazine. I can put those technical skills to work for you.

28 Mar 2019

Expert Retouching

Stop using those phone apps to retouch your selfies.  I can use high-frequency retouching in Adobe Photoshop to retouch your portraits.  High-frequency retouching separates the color layer from the detail layer in Photoshop.  This allow me to to fix blemishes, skin color and shadows without removing detail.  This will give you a more natural look than just blurring your face.  I can contour you face, shape your eyes, nose, mouth, head and body.  Need thicker eyelashes, no problem I can add them too.  Retouching is totally free and painless for all portraits I take.

If you would like to see the process, I have a YouTube tutorial I made for this image.  The description has time stamps so you can skip to any part of the video you would like to watch.

This is a more extreme version of retouching and face shaping.  I added digital makeup to to this subject.  You can see how I changed her face shape with makeup and shadows.  I can do anything from mild to extreme retouching.

I added digital makeup in this retouching example.



Feel free to contact John Whitehead Images to schedule a spring portrait.  Retouching is totally free for all portraits I take.




11 Feb 2019
Foods with Flavor WordPress site.

WordPress Website Building and More


Do you need to update your website?  I have managed my own websites over the last 25 years.  WordPress is the largest opensource CMS platform and used all over the world.  I can help you take advantage of WordPress 5 and the thousands of themes and plugins available.  I can install WordPress,set up your site and show you how to make blog posts or any other change to your your site.  I can add Google Analytics to your page as well as set it up for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).   If you can work Microsoft you can work WordPress.

Secondly, as a photographer, I can photograph anything you need for your site.  Get accurate color, small file sizes for maximum speed.  Need video, no problem I can make business video intros speciifically for your site.

What to use stock photography, I have access to anything you want.  To find out more feel free to check out my sites below or contact John Whitehead Images for more information.

John Whitehead Images WordPress Website.

John Whitehead Images

Metal Design

Foods with Flavor


06 Feb 2019
Learn basic photography and how to shoot in manual.

Learn Photography for Free on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot in manual with your dslr or mirrorless camera?  Professionals use manual because of the control and honestly, camera meters are not very accurate.  You achieve better images and exposures by learning  how to work your camera. Even if you don’t want to shoot in manual, understanding how a camera works can allow you to put it in a better working range.  I am starting a series of Photography 101 videos for students in my classes.  Feel free to give them a try.

I also have a series of tutorial videos on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Link to YouTube page and all my videos:  YouTube John Whitehead ImagesFacebooktwitteryoutube

24 Oct 2018
New Content-Aware Fill-Adobe Photoshop 2019

New Content-Aware Fill-Adobe Photoshop 2019

New Content-Aware Fill-Adobe Photoshop 2019

I test out how well the new content-aware tool works in the new Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.  Overall it is much faster however, the quality is about the same or just a bit better in my opinion.  It still leaves an out of focus area where the fill occurred in the image.  This is most  only visible if you have a detail or textured area that is in focus. You are still going to have to do some clean-up on most images.  I will need to use the tool more before I can really see the difference.  You can still use the old content-aware fill, so I will be testing it more in the furture.Facebooktwitteryoutube

17 Oct 2018
High Frequency Retouching

Professional High Frequency Retouching

Photography is only one part of the finished product.  I photographer with good toning skills can turn an average image into something amazing.  I also offer free profressional high frequency retouching on all of my portraits.  This technique separates the detail and color layers.  Retouching can be simple or involved.  It is all up too you.  I offer blemish removal, skin color correction, sculpting, eye brightening and modeling, lip retouching, face and body shaping, hair retouching, and fake eyelashes.  If there is something I missed let me know and I can most likely do it.Facebooktwitteryoutube

01 Sep 2018
Vignette Action

How to Create a Vignette Action in Adobe Photoshop

How to create a vignette action in Adobe Photoshop that works with horizontal or verticle images as well as any ratio.  If you would like to download my free Action Set I will create a link below.  To install the action just double click the .atn file and it should install.

If you would like to see more Photoshop, Lightroom or Photography Videos check out my YouTube Channel.

Free Action Set Download: John Whitehead Images Action Set.atn


31 Aug 2018
Simba of Bent Pine Alpaca Farm two days old Thursday, August 30, 2018.

Meet Simba

Simba is a 2-3 day old Alpaca at Bent Pine Alpaca Farm.   I had the chance to take a few photos when my neighbor took my daughter to meet  him yesterday.   He was silky smooth and very docile.  I think they said he was 15lbs.   He was walking around and very curious.  I love animals and am always willing to take portraits of them.  Check out some of my animal portraits here!Facebooktwitteryoutube

26 Aug 2018
Fat Mini Can Jump

Fat Mini Can Jump

You could see the smiles and chuckles from the crowd and even the judges as this overweight mini made his way onto the mini jumping course.  He had short legs and his ground clearance was hindered by the belly hanging between his legs.  The judge sad go and he trotted off towards the jump. He sprung upwards like NBA dunk champion.  He was a cute little  horse and completed the course twice earning himself and this young lady a trip to the 4H State Championships.  Good Luck!Facebooktwitteryoutube

25 Aug 2018

Memory Cards Are Not Created Equal

Memory Cards Are Not Created Equal

“The SD Card”

There are a few types of digital cards that cameras use today but we are only going to talk about the most popular. The SD card is made by many manufactures and comes in a variety of Read/Write Speeds. Box stores and small camera places will sell you the card that makes them the most money. Sandisk is one of the more popular brands that are reliable. However, they sell the same size cards at multiple speeds.

Sandisk SD Cards

The main Sandisk card you do not want to buy is the blue one. It is not fast enough to shoot video. Cards come in Read/Write speeds. Read/Write refers to how fast they will write to the card and how fast it can be read by another source. You need to look at the Fine Detail. Most cards only show one speed but that does not mean the read/write speeds are the same. The speed on the card refers to the read speed, the write speed is usually much slower. You don’t want to be taking photos and have to wait for your camera to write to the card for 10 seconds and miss important images. Buy the fastest you can afford.

Cards come with different classes stamped on them. Like Class 1, Class 10, U3. You will need Class 10 to shoot and save HD video and U3 to shoot and save 4K video. Note, the blue card is Class 4 and it does not support shooting video.
Where things can become confusing is when you see ‘SDHC’ and ‘SDXC’. The first stands for ‘Secure Digital High Capacity. This was initially introduced to cover SD cards with a capacity above 2GB and below 32GB. The latter stands for ‘Secure Digital eXtra Capacity’, which goes far beyond 32GB in size. Lastly, the Extreme Pro cards come with free downloadable recovery software. If you ever accidentally delete your files the software will most likely recover them.
Lexar was another brand of SD card I really liked and is still for sale, but the company stopped making the cards. The former employees formed a new company called, ProGrade which makes professional cards. Sony has come out with some SD Cards but they have not been out long enough to get a sense of their failure rate.

Updated August 2020

Two other camera memory cards you should be aware of are XQD which are used in some Nikon cameras and the most recent the CF Express Card. My guess is CF Express will be the standard moving on because of its amazing speed.

XQD Memory Cards 


Sony XQD memory card

XQD memory cards have been out for a while and have been used in some Nikon cameras. The cards are as fast as most basic SSD (solid-state drives) with a read speed of 440MB/S and a write speed of 400 MB/S. Unfortunately, I think the future is the next card I will be talking about the CF Express memory card.

Cf express memory card

CF Express Memory Cards

The CF Express card is the newest of the group and by far the fastest. As digital cameras become high-end video cameras, there is a need for saving 6K and 8K video. Welcome the CF Express card with a read speed of 1700 MB/S and a write speed of 1200 MB/S. You will be paying a bit more for this card but expect prices to drop as they become more mainstream.

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