Adobe Lightroom Classic CC YouTube Tutorials

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC YouTube Tutorials

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC-Import-Video 1

This is a multi-part series on how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. In this first video I will go over how to import, tag or cull images.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC-Library-Module-Video 2

In video #2 of the Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, I will go over what everything does inside the Library module

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC-Develope Module-Video 3

In this Lightroom Classic CC video we will go over the basics of the Develope Module. This is where you will be toning your image. We look at global adjustments.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC-Crop & Adjustment Brush-Video 4

In the fourth installment of this Lightroom Classic CC series, I will demonstrate how to use the crop tool and the adjustment brush.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC-Gradients and Modules Video 5

In this Adobe Lightroom Classic CC video of go over the radial and gradient adjustments and the Map, Slideshow, Print and Web modules.

Missing Files in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Don’t let Adobe Lightroom Classic CC give you the finger anymore. I will show you how to locate missing files inside Lightroom.

Exporting with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and .xmp files

Adobe Lightroom does not use Save As so I will show you how to export images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC as well as what .xmp files do.

Time Lapse with Zoom using Lightroom and Final Cut Pro

I will show you how to make a time lapse with zoom from sunset to night using Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro X. If you don’t have Final Cut Pro you can use any video editor you have on your computer.

Adobe Lightroom Presets

How to use presets in Adobe Lightroom CC Classic and how to make custom presets.

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