Photo Mechanic 6 Video Tutorials

Photo Mechanic 6 is a photo browser the excels in super fast ingesting and culling. This browser is an invaluable asset for most photojournalists as well as photographers. Personally, I love the simplicity and speed of this browser. If you are an aspiring sports photographer you will love the code replacement to help speed up captions. You will be surprised at the reaction you will get when you caption image for the web. All SEO can be filled out in the metadata of Photo Mechanic.

Below are two different ways to view this tutorial. One is a full length long tutorial that cover the entire program. The second is a series of shorter videos that covers the same material but broken into smaller sections to help retention value.

Video #1 How to Ingest or Import

This first video in the series covers how to ingest or import your images from your camera or memory card to a selected hard drive. I will cover jobs, variables and IPTC. This is a super easy tutorial so don’t worry about the terminology.

Video #2 Culling or Tagging

The second video in the series covers the culling or tagging you images. This is a process where you can select your favorite images by stars or color and then filter only your selected images. This is a very fast and easy process in Photo Mechanic 6.

Video #3 Everything Else

This third video in the series covers captioning, code replacement and everything else inside the program.

The Complete Guide

This last video I have combined all three videos into one long video. There are time stamps on the YouTube Page. I think the retention value is better with separate videos but this will give you a second option. Any comments or questions can be left in the comments below.