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If you plan on using a revolution or page slider on your website it is very important for the photograph to know the exact size or ratio before he or she begins your shoot. 35mm cameras shoot in a 2X3 ratio. Sliders are closer to a 1X3 ratio. This helps the photographer shoot with a strong composition that works well ratio. This can avoid important information in you image getting cropped out. If you are unsure I can consult with your web designer or your web template. Below I will show you some examples of incorrect and correctly shot images.

Notice how there is a loss of image on the 1X3 crop ratio. This can happen with any image in a website design, not just a slider if you do not know the correct image size.

Two images demonstrating how much you lose on a 1X2 crop.
Two images demonstrating how much you lose on a 1X3 crop. Notice crop of subject in photograph.

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