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Dog Photograph to Watercolor Painting

Every wanted a custom painting of your dogs or children but can’t afford it. ...
21st Dec 17
Early Bird Discount.

Early Bird Fall Portrait Discount

Want 15% off your total order?  Pick your photos for print within two week...
21st Aug 17

Senior Portrait Ricketts Glenn

My niece came down from Pittsburgh because she wanted her senior portrait taken a...
16th Aug 17
John Whitehead Image YouTube Channel.

YouTube Video Tutorials

http://www.youtube.com/c/Jcwphoto If you are interested in learning photography or Adobe Photoshop, I have a...
24th Jul 17
Beach Location, Environmental kids portrait.

It’s Hot Family Portrait Special

Family portraits for the price of a single portrait.  This special only lasts until...
21st Jul 17
Equine Blackout Portrait

Equine Blackout Portrait

Ok so my daughter is obsessed with horses.  I recently took one of my...
9th Jun 17
Turn your image into jewelry.

Photo Jewelry

Did you know I can make photo jewelry?  I can turn your portraits into...
18th May 17

Free 8X10 Print with Summer Portraits

The classes I teach ended last week, so summer starts today for John Whitehead...
15th May 17
Just born baby Praying Mantis

Macro Photography-Baby Praying Mantis

I saw my neighbor had taken to some photographs of baby praying mantis.  I...
5th May 17

Using JPEGmini to Resize Image for a Website

If you have a blog or a website and really want to speed up...
26th Apr 17
How to make a chicken fried steak sandwich.

Foods with Flavor

I love to make things, especially new items.  I have made bed frames, furniture,...
21st Apr 17
Phlox in bloom spring of 2017

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers will not last long so book your portrait sessions soon.  I have...
18th Apr 17
Natural light Location, Environmental kids portrait.

What to Wear for Location Portraits

Usually, one of the first questions I get asked when I get hire for...
11th Apr 17
Before and after retouched head shot.

Freehead Shot

I am have been redesigning my web page.  I want to do a before...
5th Apr 17
Using Groups on adjustment layers can be very helpful in organizing complex Adobe Photoshop documents.

Grouping Adjustment Layers within Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Using Groups on adjustment layers can be very helpful in organizing complex Adobe Photoshop...
4th Apr 17
Custom designed front of a holiday card.

Custom Cards

Did you know I make custom holiday cards, graduation cards etc.  Check out my...
30th Mar 17
Exploring Life Happily Blog

E.xploring L.ife H.appily Blog

Blogs, SEO and social media are great ways to advertise or express yourself in...
29th Mar 17
Candid or Posed Page

Choosing between Candid or Posed

Check out my new page on posed and candid portraits it is part of...
24th Mar 17
How to make your own hand written logo in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and turn it into a brush to easily use whenever. This is a very simple easy tutorial.

How to Make your Own Handwritten Logo in Photoshop

I have seen ads for this on social media sites.  If you don’t have...
22nd Mar 17
Independent Coal Miners of Pennsylvania

Independent Coal Miners

  I covered the Independent Coal Miners of Pennsylvania for many years, while I...
21st Mar 17
Two images demonstrating how much you lose on a 1X3 crop. Notice crop of subject in photograph.

What a Photographer Needs to Know to Shoot a Website

Image Ratios Getting hired to shoot images for a website is pretty common now. ...
20th Mar 17

Learn Adobe Photoshop Free

Ever wanted to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. I have a series of...
17th Mar 17

Learn Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Have you ever wanted to learn the Basics of Adobe Photoshop? I have a...
13th Mar 17
Screen capture of the John Whitehead Images website redesign.

Website Redesign

I am presently redesigning my website with new imagery and information.  I will be...
13th Mar 17