Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Multiple Exposure-Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

In this video I will combine three different image using blending modes and masks.  One of the tricks with blending image is strong contrast.  The contrast makes it easy use blending modes to drop one value.

Brighten Eyes+Action-Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

In this video, I will show you how to brighten eyes using high frequency separation.  As a free bonus I will show you how to make it into an action.  You can also download the action for free below.

Click here to download Free Action!

How to Change Eye Color-Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

I will show you how to change eye color in this video with Adobe Photoshop.

Bridge Workflow-Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

Can’t find your files? Work off your SD card? Follow my simple process of saving and tagging images in Adobe Bridge. The same process can be used in any Browser.

The Best Photo Browser-Photo Mechanic 5

This is an older video but probably something to look into.  As far as I am concerned this is the best photo browswer on the market.  It is great for editorial work.  It is crazy fast and images are rendered instantly.

Text Effect-Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

I will show you how to use a text effect in Adobe Photoshop. However, I will also be going over content aware in th Crop Tool, how to define or create a brush, how to randomize a brush and lastly how to use the effect two different ways.