Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Page 2

Advanced Adobe Photoshop Tutorials Page 2

5 Adobe Photoshop CC Tips & Tricks

I will show you five different tips within Adobe Photoshop CC. If you like these tips please let me know below and I will make more.

How to Turn Photographs into Watercolor Paintings with Adobe Photoshop CC

How to Turn Photographs into Watercolor Paintings with Adobe Photoshop CC.

3 Methods of Sharpening in Adobe Photoshop CC

Always make sure you size your image before sharpening! I will show you 3 methods of sharpening in Adobe Photoshop. Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen and High Frequency Sharpening.

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The biggest mistake in Adobe Photoshop CC. I will show you how and why you should be using the the SHOW INFO OR THE INFO PALETTE. This solves all kinds of mistakes. I have been using photoshop for 25 plus years and I still use it.

Adding Watermarks with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

I go over the simple process of how to add a logo watermark with Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom. In photoshop I will show you how to creat a brush preset and lightroom where to add the logo to the export function.

How to Enlarge a Photograph with Photoshop and Resize

What is the best way to enlarge a photograph in Photoshop CC or On One Software’s Resize(Genuine Fractals). Adobe Photoshop CC came out with a new enlargement algorithim, so I will compare it against the raw, preserve details 1 and resize in Photo Suite 10.

Blackout Portrait-Adobe Photoshop How To:

How to make a blackout portrait of an animal in Adobe Photosohop CC.

Screen Print Logo Effect from a Photo in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to take a photo and give it a screen print effect and turn it into a logo with Adobe Photoshop CC. This video will work with the filter gallery and smart objects.

Detailed Masks with APPLY IMAGE in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to use apply image in Adobe Photoshop CC to create amazing masks with apply adjustment layers to either the highlight or shadow areas of your image.

Text Cloud Effect in Adobe Photoshop CC

How to create a text cloud effect over a face using a displacement map in Adobe Photohsop CC.

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